Predictive Dialing

Predictive dialing is the concept of using a computer based system that calls up an already decided set of numbers and then moves these calls to agents who will discuss a particular topic with the person on the other end of the line. This has been used as a sale increasing tool to bring in new business. Sales representatives using predictive system have also realized the ease of using a system like this and how well it streamlines their flow of work. Obviously, you can still call leads by dialing a phone number and taking down notes. With this technology you are able to quickly go through leads, select an action, and go on to the next phone number. Actions can each be unique depending on the campaign. Some actions include busy, no answer, leave a message, call back, etc. They might also be reused in your calling queue if you need to contact that person again. For an agent that takes well written notes, this proves helpful because you can type in comments, questions, and other important information about the call.


Predictive dialing is a step forward from the auto dialer which stopped after dialing a number and was unable to communicate any further. With predictive dialing, if the call is a blank line, busy tone or the line is disconnected, the predictive dialer does not keep the call centers but instantly disconnects and moves on to the next call. Only when the call is answered by a real person it is passed on to a sales agent who will carry on the process of communication. Productivity is increased mainly because the operator does not have to bother about calls that are not going to be answered.


It is called a predictive dialer because the system is aware of when an agent will possibly be free to take a call and makes it in advance. As soon as the call is answered, it is forwarded on to the agent. If the predictive dialer is met with an answering machine, it is also programmed to have the ability to figure that out as well. The system has a means of approximating how many times a day a call will be answered and how many agents it can direct the calls to. The system works to ensure that no time is wasted and that each agent has his daily quota of work for the day.


The predictive ability of the system is based on the concept of statistics where the predictive dialer constantly keeps an eye on the calls and the percentage of those that are answered. The predictive dialer then is in a position to calculate and set a fixed number of calls on the basis of certain parameters such as the number of phone lines available to that the number of agents available. Since the numbers are bound the change on a regular basis, the systems algorithms to are constantly updated and the number of calls are adjusted accordingly.


The success of a predictive dialing system is based on how well it is able to utilize the time of the agents and its ability to avoid silent calls, which is basically getting an answer on dialing but not having an agent free to take the call.